Does NMN Break A Fast?

Does NMN Break A Fast?

Many people who are fasting for various reasons, including weight loss and cultural or religious reasons, want to take NMN to get these benefits. Believe us, we know.

However, there is some disagreement about whether it is safe to take NMN while fasting or to answer the question, does NMN break a fast?

Some experts, including Dr. David A. Sinclair, argue that NMN does not break a fast because it is calorie- and sugar-free and does not stimulate insulin production.

On the other hand, other experts argue that even artificial sweeteners should be avoided during a fast because they may stimulate insulin production.

Ultimately, whether you take NMN during a fast or after breaking the fast may depend on your personal preferences and your fasting goals.

Autophagy, a process that helps the body clear out damaged cells, can be activated by limiting protein intake to 15 grams per day and total calorie intake to 11 calories per kilogram of body weight.

NAD precursors, such as NR, NMN, and NAD, are often obtained from food and help signal energy intake.

Some experts recommend taking a high dose of NAD precursors during the refeeding period, rather than during the fasting period, because they may signal energy intake.

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