Can I Take NMN At Night

Can I Take NMN At Night

You can take NMN at night. In fact, some people find that taking it before bed helps them sleep better. Additionally, taking NMN at night may help your body better absorb and use the supplement. 

To help us answer this question we're going to explore the Japanese Study that suggests NMN Can Benefit Sleep and Physical Performance in Older Adults.

Okura and colleagues from Tsukuba University in Japan published in Nutrients showing that taking nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) in the afternoon for 12 weeks at 250 mg doses enhances physical function and reduces drowsiness in older adults.

Which is truly remarkable! So we think it's safe to say that according to the current data we have available to us there's no evidence to suggest that taking NMN in the evening keeps you up at night. 


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