How Much NMN To Take Daily

How Much NMN To Take Daily

As we age, our bodies produce less and less of the key molecule nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), which is involved in energy production, cell repair, and other important processes. Fortunately, NMN supplements are now available that can help to replenish our levels of this vital molecule. But how much NMN should you take, and does it matter what time of day you take it?

Generally speaking, most experts recommend taking between 250-500 mg of NMN per day but it's dependant on age and weight as we'll explore further 

However, some researchers believe that higher doses may be more effective, so you may want to start with a higher dose and then reduce it if you don't experience any benefits.

As for timing, some studies suggest that taking NMN before bedtime may be most effective since our bodies' levels of this molecule naturally dip at night. 

How much NMN should you take based on your age? 

Taking the human and animal studies of efficacy and safety into consideration and calculating optimal NMN doses, the recommended doses are as follows:

30 and 60 year olds: 250mg - 500mg per day 

60 +: 750mg - 1g per day (for optimum results 

What NMN Doses Have Been Used in Human Studies?

The first study, from scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, showed that oral doses of NMN (250 mg per day) for 10 weeks improved older women's muscle insulin sensitivity and structure. These findings suggest that more affordable NMN doses can be safe and effective in improving muscle insulin sensitivity.

Another study, from the University of Tokyo, showed that 250 mg per day oral doses of NMN for 12 weeks improved muscle function in men over age 65. So not only is NMN supplementation safe, but it may also be beneficial for improving muscle function as we age.

These studies suggest that oral doses of NMN are safe and well-tolerated by humans, and they provide evidence for the potential benefits of NMN supplementation. If you're interested in trying NMN supplementation you can explore our range below.




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